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Making an Adjustment

Hi Frank
 I have been a regular reader of your Q and A for a year and I've enjoyed the insights you've provided.   I've been playing with a set of  1996 Big Bertha's which were purchased new.  I'm about to up-grade to a set of X-20's.   My question is this.  The current lie angle is neutral and the regular flex shaft is - 0.75.

I want to order the new irons with the same graphite shaft length as well as a lie angle up 1 degree.  The reason being that when hitting on a strike plate the marks on the head are toward the toe.  However, my ball flight on the range and on the golf course is straight to slightly right to left. (I'm right handed).  I've been told that with the toe striking the ground as such my ball flight should reflect a push to the right. My GHIN is 13.3, swing speed is 90 to 95 and I am 5' 7".

Any thoughts?

As you have a set which is about 12 years old, it’s not a bad idea to upgrade unless you have made good friends with your existing set. However, don’t expect that the change is going to make a significant difference to your performance unless the placebo effect kicks in. The reason for this is that iron technology has not made the same significant changes as we have seen in drivers or the hybrids.

A lie angle adjustment is generally required, if the flight pattern AND the scuff mark from a lie board (strike plate)  indicates this. If your present flight path is to your liking and a little right to left, then an adjustment to make the club more upright will increase the right to left path. I would not do anything to change the specs you have in your present set. If, after you give them a test run or two you find the ball flight is too much to the right and the scuff mark indicates an adjustment is needed then an experienced club maker can make this change very easily.

There is nothing better than a good ball flight so don’t let over analysis get in the way.

Hope this helps and enjoy your new sticks when you get them.