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Personal Preference in Putters


Is there an advantage to either using a heel shafted versus a center shafted other than personal preference?  I have been told that it has to do with which eye is dominant to the golfer. Any putting help is greatly appreciated.




There have been suggestions that there is a difference between using an Offset putter vs. a Non-Offset putter depending on left- or right-eye dominance. I have not seen any evidence to demonstrate that this makes any measurable difference.

From my experience the shaft location center or heel mounted, offset or non-offset is very much personal preference.

In some offset putters, one may see more of the orthogonal aiming line along the full length of the head (if there is one) but with a center mounted straight shaft, the shaft itself will help in lining up. It is personal preferences.  

In one of the center shafted configurations of the Frankly Frog Putter (which I designed) there is a line 10 inches up the shaft which is a very subconscious reference line making alignment a little easier.

When it comes to shaft fitting I have found that shaft length is the most important and most golfers are using putters which are too long. This adds to the source of error associated with the up and down movement (degrees of freedom) resulting in inconsistent results.

When it comes to the effect on your stroke if the putter is face balanced, it does not matter where the shaft is mounted in the head. If it is not face balanced and the straight shaft is mounted in the heel or center, the rotation speed of the sweet spot may be different. However, once impact starts with any putter the inertia about various axes of the head will take over and influence movement of the ball on off a miss-hit. 

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Hope this helps