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Welcome to Frankly Golf, the Official Website of Frank Thomas.
Worldwide Leaders in Putting Instruction
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Frankly Frog Putter 

Featured Products

Frankly Frog Blade
Price: $225.00
Frankly Frog Blade
Meet the sleekest member of our Frog Family, our new blade model. Enjoy a smooth stroke, a soft feel and maximum forgiveness in this new blade-style Frog!
Frankly Frog Putter With Alignment Guidance System
Price: $199.00
Frankly Frog Putter With Alignment Guidance System
The Original Frankly Frog with graphite shaft with an extended white line was designed to help you align better
The Fundamentals of Putting
Price: $25.00
The Fundamentals of Putting
"The Fundamentals of Putting" is a straightforward, easy-to-read instructional book which will help you improve your putting in a sequential, step by step manner. It is one of the most-informative books about putting ever written.
Frankly Golf is the website of Frank Thomas. We specialize in putting instruction and putting lessons and are based at Reunion Resort in Orlando FL. Through our putting research we have developed an online putting course so PGA and LPGA golf professionals can become Certified Putting Instructors (CPI's).
Our Putting PAD at Reunion Resort in Orlando delivers putting lessons to both everyday golfers to help them learn more about putting as well as elite golfers. So next time you are in Orlando playing golf, be sure to call and book a putting lesson with us at our putting school.
We also build and fit the Frankly Frog putters, designed by Frank Thomas here at the Putting PAD at Reunion. You can build your own Frankly Frog putter. These supplement the new book, The Fundamentals of Putting, which is a great way to improve your putting stroke using prescribed putting fundamentals
Look out for our Monday Putting Tips and our Wednesday Golf Equipment Q&A, where we discuss various aspects of the game of golf. You will also find interesting golf equipment and putting help on the site to help you improve your golf game.
Happy putting from all of us at the Putting PAD and if you need any information, please contact us.